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Proshape ONDASOFT KIT Perm

Proshape ONDASOFT KIT Perm

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Thio free wave with organic bio-reducer, shea butter, sweet almond oil and Split End Complex. Cysteamine makes it particularly suitable for previously chemically treated hair.

Kit available in two strengths:
ONDASOFT 1 for natural and coarse hair
ONDASOFT 2 for processed and double processed hair.



Wash hair with shampoo, rinse and blot thoroughly to remove excess water;
Spray PREONDA over the entire length of the hair and comb to distribute the product evenly; Choose a curler corresponding to the desired type of curling and put them in the usual way (depending on the diameter of the curler we will get a larger or smaller curl. The distance of the curler from the roots determines the volume and the beginning of curling); Wear disposable gloves.

Moisten each strand of ONDASOFT evenly using the tip of the bottle. Start the application from the back of the head, paying attention to the fact that the drug does not get on the skin; Withstand (see the section "Holding time"), after the holding time has elapsed, check several strands to determine the quality of the fill;
Rinse hair abundantly with warm water to completely rinse off the solution, and then blot well;

Apply NEUTRASOFT to all strands, starting from the back of the head. Leave about ¼ part of the bottle. Withstand five minutes;
Carefully, without pulling your hair, remove the curlers and apply the rest of the fixer for five minutes; After the exposure time, rinse the hair with plenty of warm water and apply PLUSONDA to the entire scalp, hold for five minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water; Apply CURL DEFINER MOUSSE evenly over the entire length of the hair and proceed to blow- dry with a diffuser, being careful not to touch the hair.

RELEASE TIME: ONDASOFT 1 for natural / strong hair 20-25 minutes
ONDASOFT 2 for sensitive / treated hair 10-15 minutes

The holding time depends on the condition of the hair and the curl you want. Each hair type may react differently to the preparation, therefore the recommended exposure time should be considered indicative. It is necessary to constantly check the hair during exposure.

Do not use this product if the scalp is damaged, inflamed or sensitive. Do not use the product if the hair has been dyed with a dye based on metal salts or straightened with alkaline creams based on sodium hydrate (soda) or “soda-free” preparations based on potassium hydrate, lithium or guanidine carbonate. Do not use the drug if you or your client suffer from allergic reactions to drugs in this group. Do not use the product on 40% -50% bleached hair. Start curling no earlier than 15 days after dyeing with an oxidizer. Start coloring with an oxidizing agent no earlier than 15 days after curling.

Keep out of the reach of children. Use disposable gloves during the entire procedure. Protect your eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Pay attention to the fact that the elastic bands of the curlers leave folds on the hair (especially on the frontal part). We recommend using plastic plates to prevent the elastic from sticking to your hair. To ensure optimal exposure is achieved, unwrap one section and pull slightly on your hair. If the strand keeps curling, then the holding time is over, if not, then the holding time must be extended by a few more minutes. Do not wash your hair for 72 hours after curling, do not sweat, do not wet your hair, do not use hairpins and elastic bands at least until the first shampooing, which will prevent unwanted wrinkles. After the first shampoo (as well as subsequent ones), use the CURL DEFINER MOUSSE before blow-drying and using the splitter. To curl overgrown roots, you need so that the hair branches at least 4 cm (2-3 months). Further, perm according to the proposed method, stepping back 1.5-2 cm from the roots, without touching the hair on which the perm is preserved.

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